Lip Reading & HOH Classes (Newlyn) with Janet Corbett-Marston

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Lip Reading and Hard of Hearing Classes equip the student with excellent tools and aim to provide far more than just lip-reading skills , they enable deaf people to acquire the knowledge, skills, confidence and other attitudes that they need to manage their communication more effectively with the hearing world.

The classes are designed to give graded practice in a non-threatening and friendly atmosphere and enable people to take a step-by-step approach in helping to develop their confidence and be able to participate again more fully in everyday life with lip-reading, listening and other communication skills practice.

The classes will cover the following techniques:

  • Communication strategies and problem solving, for example conversation tactics in different situations
  • Information about hearing loss and hearing aids
  • Information about environmental aids
  • Information about relevant national and local statutory and voluntary organisations
  • Fingerspelling techniques

Partners/carers are encouraged to attend as well.

Classes continue in the Spring and Summer term.

Course Code
Course Fee
£42 / free
Janet Corbett-Marston
The Centre, Newlyn
Course Dates
Thursday 27/04/2017 - Thursday 15/06/2017
Session Length
2 hours
Fees: £42; free to those in receipt of a means tested benefit. Thursdays 10am-12noon (No class 1 June)