Deciphering Cornish Medieval Churches – The Architectural Framework (Truro) with Joanna Mattingly

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Cornwall’s medieval churches are not simple, but complex and little understood structures; this course will look at how and why churches evolved from chancel-nave to three-hall plan and the Cornish context.  This course aims to introduce students to different architectural styles e.g. Romanesque and Gothic, show the wealth of visual and documentary sources for Cornwall and look at the wider social, economic and political context for church building

Topics covered will be:

Architecture, visual and documentary sources e.g. building accounts and wills, medieval fund-raising, skilled craftsmen and their mobility, dendro-dating, the social, economic and political context of church building e.g. Wars of the Roses, impact of tin industry, Reformation etc and Georgian improvers and Victorian restorers on church fabric, and how to identify an unfinished church. We shall also look at different views of Cornish church architecture from John Blight to Nicholas Pevsner and Peter Beacham.

Course Code
Course Fee
£77 / free
Joanna Mattingly
Railway Tavern, Station Hill, Truro
Course Dates
Tuesday 25/04/2017 - Tuesday 04/07/2017
Session Length
2 hours
Fees: £77 (free to those receiving certain benefits). 10 x Tuesdays 7.00pm-9.00pm, 9.30pm finish 1st & last session. No class 30 May