Aesthetics of Landscape: West Penwith with David Derrington

This fascinating weekend will enable students to interact with this spectacular landscape, using orientation from basic aesthetic concepts and a painter’s expertise to reflect together in guided group discussions and to express their insights, verbally or visually, within a supportive and open gathering.

You will be introduced to the basic aesthetic concepts and how these may be applied to landscape and to
different creative responses (writing/painting/drawing/sculpture…), considering and examining the relationship between observer/artist and landscape. Questioning what basis is there for aesthetic judgements regarding particular places and landscapes?

There are plenty of practical opportunities for exploring new artistic and creative responses to landscape and is
suitable for anyone able to take part in activities involving moderate moorland walking.

Interpreting features of landscape to a small group, as a guide or as part of a presentation.

Course Code
Course Fee
£75.00 / free
David Derrington
The North Inn Pendeen
Course Dates
Friday 16/06/2017 - Sunday 18/06/2017
Session Length
6 hours
Fees £75 (free to those receiving means tested benefits). Meet Friday 7pm Weekend 10am-4pm