A group of people have been discovering things about themselves that they’d forgotten at a  Creative Writing group held at the Millpool Centre on Wednesday evenings.

Dabbling in making wine as a child, getting into trouble for playing with their mother’s pearls and getting injured in a so-called haunted house are among the memories on which fictional stories were based beginning with the line: ‘The day after my eighth birthday my father told me I must never again play with….’

The course is being delivered by former journalist and writer Douglas Bence who says that creative writing invariably begins from within the author.

‘Somebody may produce a work of total fiction, but the settings, the interplay of the characters and very often the things that happen are invariably inspired by something in the author’s past’ he says. ‘So traveling back down our time lines is important.

‘Over the years I’ve talked to a number of different groups and I’m always amazed by the high quality of the work produced, sometimes by the most unlikely people. Every group I’ve had has produced at least one outstanding piece of writing and that is certainly the case in Looe.

‘People lacking in the confidence of their own memories very often surprise themselves and everybody else. They all meet new people, share experiences, challenge themselves and have fun.’

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